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Welcome to NorthDakota-Scores!

Every score of every sport listed above is the goal, and we need your help!  If you see something incorrect or missing, please email us at and let us know.
Please surf the site and let everybody you know that we are here to serve the kids, schools, coaches, parents and fans of North Dakota!

Over the past 48 hours, the database was hacked twice, which makes it four times in the last six weeks or so. We were aware of the issue and notified the owners of the database at 7:07 PM last night, as of 11:19 AM we were able to apply the backup from early Saturday morning.  So we lost all of the information posted to the site since that time.  We believe to be caught up as of 10:30 AM on 2/5/20.

For clarification, nothing owned and controlled by us had the security compromised. The database is owned by a 3rd party company, it is their responsibility to secure the data that we provide to be displayed on Minnesota-Scores and NorthDakota-Scores, they had their security breeched which resulted in all of the scores being reset to a specific number (in this case 63).

When these security breeches have happened in the past the only thing changed was the scores of the games, no calculations or section/conference assignements or records on those pages etc. are touched. This appears to be the case again.

I apologize for the inconvience this causes everyone - I was hoping when the database changed ownership in December 2018 that changes would be made to stop this from happening but obviously it has not. We are actively looking for a company to create a new database and front end web page. All suggestions are welcome thru Twitter or email us

Ryan Weinzierl

Owner - Eleven-Seven LLC


Quality Results Formula

Unique to this site is a formula specifically designed to measure high school sports called the QRF.  We've been tracking it's results at the Minnesota State Tournament since 2004, with the higher QRF team winning 70% of the games.

*Wrestling QRF is not considered as statistically accurate as the other sports because of the extreme variance in the number of duals wrestled.  The QRF can not take tournaments into account.

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Scores Reported Through
February 19, 2020
458 of 458 (100.0%)
2143 of 2150 (99.7%)
Boys Soccer
127 of 127 (100.0%)
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Scores Reported Through
February 19, 2020
Boys Basketball
1520 of 1523 (99.8%)
Girls Basketball
1499 of 1504 (99.7%)
Boys Hockey
250 of 254 (98.4%)
Girls Hockey
146 of 146 (100.0%)
490 of 494 (99.2%)
click sport name to find missing scores
Scores Reported Through
February 19, 2020
763 of 779 (97.9%)
528 of 539 (98.0%)
Girls Soccer
115 of 115 (100.0%)
click sport name to find missing scores


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