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Frequently Asked Questions

When I "Submit a Score" it doesn't get immediately posted to the site....why?
We don't require people to log in as a specific representative for a team to submit scores (i.e. coach/administrator/player, etc.), so ANYONE can and should send in the scores.  The philosophy is, if you were at a game and can see the scoreboard (or listened to it on the radio), it's not that hard to know what's what and send it in.
However, because we can (and do) have any Joe Blow sending in information, we can't let everyone in the state have direct access to the database.  So, when you "Submit a Score", the email get sent into a pool of all scores submitted, where we receive it, verify it for validity (don't submit a Football score of 176-3, for instance), then we will put it in the database to go live to the general public.
So, why isn't it posted immediately?  Because that Inbox isn't monitored 24-7/365.  It's monitored more like 4 or 5 hours a day and generally during peak times for scores to come in.
So if you send a score in, don't worry if it's not posted right away.  We got it and it will get posted in the order it was received.
And THANK YOU to EVERYBODY that sends in a score!
Why do I have to give my name and email address when I "Submit a Score"?
So we can contact you if there is a conflicting score.  That's it.
Your trust and confidentiality is important to us, so don't worry about us selling your email address.  We hate SPAM as much as you do, so you have our guarantee that we will never release that information to anyone.....ever!
Do you cover <insert sport here>?
Unfortunately, I'm relegated to most of the same information you are regarding sport coverage.  What I basically do is collect the information and put it in one spot, then tweak it to make it the most complete and correct based on information from people like you.
Wrestling was added in 2007-08 and Boys and Girls Soccer in 2008-09, so there's always a chance of adding additional sports in the future!
Why isn't there a QRF yet?
Usually because there isn't enough data to make it relevant.  It's based completely on results, so the more results the better the rankings.  You can expect the first QRF to show about 30% of the way through a particular season.
When in doubt, take a look at the top of the QRF Rankings (example) page.  It should have a date showing the first time it will be calculated.
How do you get your scores?
Basically the same way you do.  But the advantage here is that I actively look for them instead of waiting for them to be reported.  A HUGE part of that is your participation in reporting them accurately.  And again, you don't need to be a coach or a school admin to know the score of the game!  (Although I do love our coach participation too!)
How do you make money?
SLOWLY!  :)  Seriously, this site has been around since around 2002 and in this form since September 2005.  It's to the point now that I can start getting paid for it, but it's been 5 years and thousands and thousands of hours to get here.  Regular advertisers (usually in the banner ad on the top of every page) and the Google links you see help offset the cost of maintaining the site.
So please help the site out by utlizing the Google ads as much as possible.  Every little bit counts.  :)
This page is currently being updated.  Please submit any questions you have to:  comments@minnesota-scores.net
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